The News

So I am fresh back from Iceland and I call the boss, just to see how he’s doing with the hundreds of things he’s had on. He says “so what does it take to move Rhiannon. We need you in Denver as soon as possible”.

I guess I’ll be flat chat with pulling apart my Perth life and moving it around the world over the next few weeks.

I did have some warning, it was on the cards before I left, but me being me I thought of it as less certainty more something being considered.
I’ve written a list of things to do. It’s a huge list. If anyone can add more please do tell me!

[ ] Visa. Work to do
[ ] Passport
[ ] Cancel gym
[ ] Cancel phone?
[ ] Inform rent
[ ] Rental reference
[ ] Power of attorney???
[ ] How to get cash in USA, ozforex ?
[ ] Redirect post
[ ] Get travel insurance
[ ] Register as overseas elector aec
[ ] Get doctors check up and copy of medical records
[ ] Get pill prescribed
[ ] International drivers permit rac
[ ] Get driving record
[ ] Social security number, 10 days after arriving
[ ] Close anz
[ ] Work out how to get paid and transfer the cash etc
[ ] Put Aussie health insurance on hold
[ ] Cancel racv
[ ] Sell car
[ ] Cancel car insurance
[ ] Car insurance no claim bonus letter
[ ] Talk to accountant re tax, resident or non resident?
[ ] Register travel with smart traveller
[ ] Get credit reference
[ ] Superannuation???
[ ] Copy of dental record
[ ] Execute the will
[ ] Cancel Perth travel card

Now where to start with Perth being a town asleep on a Sunday morning…. Maybe breakfast. Porridge with blueberries, banana, and butter milk. Yum.

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