“This chop stick thing is easy”


Today we had a family dinner at a Japanese that had the interesting gimmick of being all you can eat.  The highlight for me was that Pa managed to eat enough to be full while using only chopsticks. Those huge hands managed the tiny sticks and only occasionally played dropsies. Good times.

After dinner we were all standing outside and someone thought to find a Cafe for coffee.  There were a couple of lights on across the creek. Ben ran over to see what was open:

Ben: The choices are taco bill or the sex shop.
Pa: Really? They’re both open?
Ben: Yep they’re both open.
Pa: They have the best coffee there.
Ben, Mum, Fred, Ma, Rhiannon: Say what???

We ended up at Maccas (classy place Lilydale McDonalds).  Another pearler, Fred and I were sitting at the table waiting for all to order. Ma comes back and starts rearranging the chairs.  Fred says that it would be better if we pulled the table over. Ma nearly had a hearnea trying to move the table. Only stopped when Fred and I burst out laughing.

Families, gotta love ’em.

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