Weaving Madness

So I made it to Wangaratta. The plane managed to be about 30 minutes early but that’s ok so was mum. It took her three goes around the carpark before she found me…I failed to recognise her as she was in Steve’s car. Oops.

On the way back to wang we had to stop for what felt to me like an hour but according to mum was 15 minutes at the big saddleworld. Mum was very well restrained and only bought a new whip.

Mum was less restrained at the “lolly” shop. Three different types of pepper corns, red rice, and other delights. I did find some licorice allsorts.


Then got back to Wang and had lovely mum made lasagne, can’t beat mum made lasagne.

Today we went weaving. Turns out that it is so popular that the attendees were mum, me, and the host Diane. I set up the inkle loom, apparently for making bands, and got into the job. Until the cat decided I had a warm lap.

Mum says she got some work done. I’m not sure how with all the talking.

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