Rainy Day on site and the stories start.



When he was a lad in Denmark, 14 or 15 years old, Lars had a school mate – rich family – owned yachts and properties.  All round rich people.

He and his mates family often went sailing.  The father would sit in his captains chair with his feet on the wheel, resplendent in his captains best including cap.  He’d light his pipe and throw the match over the side, then pick up his pretentious glass of spirits and puff away – running the show.

His wife purchased a special pipe lighter, you know the ones that mean you don’t burn your fingers as you’re lighting the pipe.  It was very special, gold, engraved, a piece of art.  The ‘oh shit’ moment you’re expecting occurred.  Father lit his pipe and threw the ‘match’ over the side …. *plop* … ‘oh shit’.

Well out to sea in deep waters, no hope of retrieval on that one.

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